About me

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When I am searching for a practitioner to work with I usually go to the “about me” first. It has been my experience that almost all of the “healers” out in the world have a story to tell about their own struggle to grace. So here is a little bit of my story; if it resonates with you I will be honored to walk beside you on your journey.

My studies of complementary and alternative healing began 20 years ago and was fuelled by my battle with autoimmune disease, allergies, and social anxiety. I refused to accept that prescriptions were the only solution to my problems.

I started studying dietary theory and was amazed by the changes I saw in my life as a result of adjusting my diet. This mind-set of what goes into the body heals the body continued and I eventually found myself working as a Master Herbalist out of a small home office.

I then began to understand that while some people were helped tremendously by diet and lifestyle changes there were some who needed something more. It was at this time I started researching the spiritual-emotional connection piece of the puzzle, which led me to coursework in applied kinesiology, energy healing, and neuroplasticity.

Along the way I have seen incredible changes in my life. I literally became a different person. Which resulted in even more upheaval as I married and divorced with the changes.

I was diagnosed with agoraphobia at a very young age and it took me years to figure out coping mechanisms to function in society. To be honest, the final part of being able to live fearlessly in this crazy world came after learning the connection between breath and the nervous system. This piece fell into place for me just a couple of years ago as I was navigating countless medical procedures with my youngest son and I was frankly falling apart physically from all of the stress. I know that sounds crazy but simply learning how to consciously breathe has been a game changer for me.

As your Holistic Health Coach I will build a program for you that integrates technology, dietary theory, and self-care practices designed to unblock self-sabotaging habits and patterns.

Live Your Truth!