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Personal 6 Month Wellness Program tailored to your needs.

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Epigenetics is shaping the way we approach wellness. The environment is the key to how our genes express and the way this impacts our daily wellness.

Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit through innate wisdom and cutting edge technology

Your Vibrant Health Program

There isn’t a program on the planet that will work for every body because we are all so very diverse. Build a unique program to fast track you to the vibrant life you’re dreaming of.

  • Epigenetic Report with hair analysis: Take the guesswork out of your supplement regime. Gain insight into environmental stressors such as parasites, EMFs, and mold.
  • Breakthrough self-sabatoging thoughts and habits with self-care practices that bridge Eastern philosophy and Western science.
  • Simplify your relationship with food. Learn to eat in rhythm with the seasons. Food has amazing restorative power when you nourish yourself based on your bio-dynamic needs.

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The Quiet

The space between breaths, the calm knowing you experience as a felt-sense.  The Quiet is both within you as well as a destination. A place to journey to in search of answers. The Quiet is often the focus of Shamanic Journey and meditation.  It is available to anyone and is the source of great peace and connection with the divine. Awaken the power of this ancient remembering to integrate your higher power into your daily life.


optimise your life

Optimise Your Life

Personal 6 Month Wellness Program
tailored to your biodiverse needs.

cooking lessons

Cooking Lessons

Food is the foundation! Learn to fuel your bio-dynamic needs.
Group rates available.

meditation journey

Journey to Quiet

Learn easy to use methods of accessing that knowing place within
detox your home

Home Detox

Create a fresh home, free from harmful chemicals based on your personal needs and preferences.

Epigenetic Report

How is your body is reacting to environmental and dietary factors?

Self-Care Detox

Your skin is your largest organ. Find Safer Beauty Here.

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